(currently based in Barcelona)

“I remember wanting to become a newspaper seller, a hairdresser, an archeologist and then a psychologist and a graphic designer and an illustrator…I finally became a photographer that is a little bit an illustrator, a little bit a psychologist and a little bit archeologist…and of course, most hairdressers want to know about their clients lives, so yes, the photographer I have become is also a little bit hairdresser…”

 After finishing her studies in Graphic Design (London, Camberwell College of Arts) she started working as a photographer in 1999. She currently lives and works in Barcelona.

Her work has been published in various publications like The Guardian, The Observer,Fuera de Serie (El Mundo), El Pais, NYTimes, MarieClaire.

She was finalist in Descubrimientos Photo España with the project “The Waiting Room”. She has exhibited in the CaixaForum, PhotoMiami, Berlineliste and Art Madrid amongst others. She has won the grant FotoPres07 and the the Marco Pesaresi prize 2009 (Italy).