Living with Covid

1) Fear of contagion

2) Regina dei Rotoloni

3) Screen Heads I

4) Living in a fish tank I

5) Panic Buying

6) Warped Sense of Time

7) Screen Heads II

8) Living in a fish tank II

9) Don’t touch, wash your hands

10) Living in a fish tank III

11) Screen Heads III

12) Armchair Man

13) Wrong protection, summer 2020

The state of alarm was declared in Spain on March 14.The idea of ​​not being able to leave the house for an indefinite time has awakened in me many different and sometimes contradictory feelings. It is this tension that has pushed me produce these portraits. The list is long … fear of change, isolation, 24/7 coexistence with family members, not being able to kiss and hug freely, the responsibility for the children’s studies, anxiety about the loss of work and the consequent economic insecurity, fear of contagion for you and your distant and close family and friends … and on the other hand, change as an opportunity, the confirmation that freedom is a state of mind and time is too valuable to waste on things that are not important and time allows you to know what these things are, the value of silence which allows your own “voice”, shuddered by the daily noise, to re-emerge … 5 days after starting the state of alarm I turned 49, a number large enough to allow me a minimum distance from life and to observe the human being with a critical eye and a smile. Our reactions to such an alien situation are incredible, observing them is an opportunity to get to know us better. The compulsive shopping, the quirky outfits that people have improvised to protect themselves, the desperate need to connect on social medias and tell how bored we feel after two days of lock down, have all been great thought provoking material . In short, the fear we feel of being with ourselves and losing those things that, however ephemeral, give us a certain illusion of security.

Now is the time, the time for consideration and change.